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- Best Value - Power Output 1.2J - 3 Year Warranty -

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- Rechargeable Battery - Power Output 0.2J - 2 Year Warranty -


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Electric Fencing Energiser Overview

Electric fencing might seem complicated when trying to work out the best electric fence energiser, but at ShockRite Electric Fencing we make it easy for you.  Here’s what you need to know.


Basic Electric Fencing

If you are setting up an electric fence for the first time, the best point to begin is our Help & Advice section which explains the basic electric fencing components (such as the energiser/fencer, tape, wire, etc), as well as an overview on how an electric fence works.


Choosing an Energiser

Many considerations are taken into account when deciding an electric fence setup such as: the animal to be controlled, the power source, and the fence distance to electrify. Easily compare energiser details with the ShockRite Energiser Comparison Chart.


Different types of electric fencers available:


Solar-powered energisers are becoming much more common due to the drive to be more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving.  Advances in technology have allowed the production of top-performing reliable energisers with minimal running costs.  Our solar fencers are very versatile and low-maintenance.  They are suitable for temporary or permanent electric fencing, as well as near or remote locations.  By using solar power, regularly carrying and replacing batteries will be a thing of the past (which is definitely a great bonus at those remote locations).  ShockRite Solar energisers are light-weight and are powered by a large 10W solar panel, and can run for days even without sunlight.


Battery-powered energisers are ideal for remote locations where there is no access to mains-supply nearby, and are useful for temporary and permanent electric fencing setups.  Our battery energisers are fully weatherproof and can remain outside all year round without any extra protection.


Mains-powered electric fence energisers are ideal where there is a mains-supply nearby as it is a more economical way of running an electric fence when compared to a standard battery-powered energiser (but not a solar energiser).  Mains-supply is also a reliable source of power.

If you are looking for electric fencing for horses or similar sized animals, we have Paddock Kits already assembled with what you need.  We also supply other bundles such as ‘Starter’ kits and ‘Pond’ electric fence kits if you need help with what equipment you may need.

Alternatively, you can use the product filter to select the animal you are trying to control/protect,  and then simply choose your energiser from the results.


Accessories to consider

As well as our great value electric fencers, we stock high quality electric fence tape, wire, many varieties of electric fence insulator, and everything you need to ensure a secure and reliable fence.  Don’t forget to pick up an electric fence tester to easily troubleshoot any issues that may occur, and our Troubleshooting & FAQ section is there to help too.


ShockRite Electric Fence Energisers are premium quality energisers at a budget price.


Contact us if you have any queries 🙂

We can help you select the correct setup that you need, and continue to give expert electric fencing advice along the way until you are up and running.