ShockRite Electric Fence Energiser Comparison Chart

This easy-to-use ShockRite Electric Fence Energiser Comparison Chart makes it easy to decide what energiser is suitable for your electric fencing needs. Whether you are after a mains, battery or solar-powered electric fence, we have the energiser to suit you.

Compare energiser details such as the:

  • Power Source
  • Joules (‘Shock’ Power)
  • Animals Controlled
  • Maximum Electric Fence Distance (km)

If you are unsure what components you may need to complete your electric fencing set-up, please refer to our ‘Help & Advice’ section which explains everything you need to know to get you started as well as other useful sections such as:

Electric Fence Maintenance & Post Spacing

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Electric Fence Energisers by Power Source (Battery, Mains, Solar), Animals and Distance

This chart is a guide only. Estimated Fence Distance is based on an electric fence tape or wire setup with average vegetation contact. Heavy vegetation contact may reduce the fence distance covered.