Farming Investment Fund Grants for Farmers in England – Available Now!


Farming Investment Fund Grants for Farmers in England Available Now!

Save £90 off a ShockRite Solar Energiser

Item number FETF106 on the new funding covers a solar powered electric fencing energiser with an available grant of £90. This covers the ShockRite SRS05 0.5J, and SRS02 0.2J solar powered electric fencing energisers, find out more about our solar energiser models here –

SRS02 0.2J:

SRS05 0.5J:

Keep reading to find out more about the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund is, and how to apply.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

This fund provides grants towards the cost of equipment and technology to improve the productivity of farms in a sustainable way.

When does it open?

Round 1 application period opens on 16 November 2021 and will close on midday 7 January 2022.

Who can apply?

The FETF Round 1 manual gives full details on who is eligible.

Applications are made online via the ‘FETF Application Portal’ which can be accessed from the Farming Investment Fund page on GOV.UK or directly by visiting here: Apply now for a Round 1 FETF grant

There is a YouTube video which demonstrates how to complete the online application on GOV.UK.

Are your details up to date? And registering on Rural Payments..

Some of the details needed when making your application must exactly match those on Rural Payments, so check these are correct before starting your application. If not, update them. You can find guidance on updating your details in the Rural Payment service on GOV.UK.

FETF contact details and accessibility information

Email or call the RPA helpline on 03000 200 301 and select the option for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund.

Below is the code that applies to ShockRite Solar Powered Energisers as described in Annex 3 of the scheme manual

Item Number

Item Name

Item Specification

Grant Amount £ (based on a quantity of 1)


Solar powered Electric Fencer Energiser

Solar powered electric fencing energiser with integrated solar panel and battery. Energiser providing at least 0.15 joules output. Purchased as a whole working unit (single item), not parts.


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